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Inside Rumpel's
Bizarre Mind
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"Infamous eccentric jester renowned around the world as the greatest of fools.
This most individual of performers will bring his own brand of nonsense to your special event"
-Woodford Folk Festival - Australia

"Friggin' crikey. Uncontrolled chaos, an endless supply of props and novelties, a bizarre slide show, mayhem, stream of consciousness throwaways at a cracking pace, a show without end,   

  Rumpelstiltskin is a 'clown without borders'. Lyric pastiches, physical gags, juggling, unicycling, music (sort of). A good percentage of the crowd spent the hour in hysterics, others with permanent smiles, while others were just dazed and confused. Go and see a fool at the top of his game."
- Michael Coghlan.

 "Taking time out from all this giddy physical buffoonery, there was also a very clever spoken section which included a hurried recital of Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven using Spoonerism. 'Higgledy Piggledy', with all it's madcap pandemonium, is a comically filled cacophony of sight and sound that will leave you both exhausted and reeling. "
-Steve Jones

"There is no fool like Rumpel"
- Martin Sharp - Australian Pop Artist & Record Producer for Tiny Tim

"I like your voice"
-Matt Groening - The Simpsons

"He has found an orginal way of continuing an ancient, worldwide and still thriving traditon"
-Beatrice Otto (Author of Fools Are Everywhere: The Court Jester Around The World)

"Rumpel is a Fool, with a capital F. Society needs real fools among us, not aped by actors
 on television, but in our streets and parks, reflecting our foibles straight back at us"
-Reg Bolton (Circus Historian & Author of Circus in a Suitcase)

"His originality, sheer eccentricity & the situations he has got himself into & out of are totally
-Mike Finch (Artistic Director & CEO of Circus Oz)

"He is a perfomer's performer"
-Sue Broadway (Ra-Ra Zoo, Artistic Co-Ordinator for 2000 Sydney Olympics, ex-Circus Oz
Artistic Director)

FoolLiza.jpg HEF.jpg RumpelBette.jpg with Spock.jpg Rumpel pom poms.jpg PC070551.JPG rumpelhead
With Liza Minnelli
WX3N1684 Buzz Aldrin with my Fool's Gold book
         WITH SPOCK
With Hugh Hefner
Wit Hug Hefner
With Buzz Aldrin... 2nd Man to Step Foot on the Moon. He's holding my Fool's Gold book :)
With Bette Midler
With Bette Midler
With George Clinton from Parliament
With George Clinton from Parliament, Funkadelic
With Stevie Wonder
The Fool with Leon Hendrix...Jimi's brother
With Leon Hendrix....Jimi's Brother
with Quincy Jones
With Quincy Jones
"Rumpel is the ultimate fool"
-Robert Nelson/Butterfly Man